Australian fire opal ringA unique and magnificent discovery of fire opal has been made in the isolated outback of Western Australia.

Australia’s new opal, fire opal, vibrant, translucent and full of luster these extremely rare and precious exquisite fire opals are now available for sale. Find out how a lucky course of events led to this discovery and how these Exquisite Fire Opals are so different from all other opal.

Australis Fire Opals are 100% natural and untreated in any way, the mining processes are environmentally responsible and sustainability. At this stage the mining operation is only shallow only to a depth of 1 meter.

Australis fire opal is very rare, for every Australian fire opal sold there are 500,000 diamonds sold making it one of the rarest and most prestigious gems in the world.

The discovery has been made at very remote location of White Cliffs close to the outback town of Laverton West Australia. This harsh dry desert environment is perfect for producing very dry gemstone quality fire opals.

Map of Australian fire opal